About expeditions


Expeditions Sri Lanka observes Sri Lankan tourism in a completely different approach .We monitor this as an opportunity to offer something to our rural community, with this perception we consider developing communities through engaging with them and providing a bright future.
"Life" a project of Expedition Sri Lanka, connects with heart, mind and the soul to generate better future for our children and neglected children in rural areas.
The proposal "Life" is to discover the needs and wants of school children who are neglected in their childhood. Our focus is to identify those rural schools and elderly homes and funding them to change their way of life.

Funding for such "Recognized projects" would come through the following:

  • Visit recognized projects during the tour by clients, donate/ contribute and clients (stationary items/ construction projects/ support a child's education)
  • Following examples will provide us with guidelines:
  • Improving sanitation facilities in schools
  • Setting up libraries
  • Constructing classrooms
  • Providing desks and chairs for classrooms
  • Providing books and stationary
  • Repairing roofs in classrooms and doing general repairs

Our role

The prime responsibility of Expeditions Sri Lanka is to identify new projects and to donate with financial funds, recognize the needs, generate funds while implementing the projects and to guarantee a successful outcome. We carry out the responsibility of the work of these projects visiting the placers and coordinating and communicating progress through our communication methods. Therefore all contributors will be able to analysis our development for such projects.

Donors – Helping for Elderly People

With the support of groups from china we funded daily needs to elderly home in Kandy. The project is expected to carry out till end of 2015.