About expeditions

Explore the Paradise Land with us

Expeditions Sri Lanka has been identified as a customer demanded tour organization, as we ensure various packages such as car and driver in Sri Lanka, tours for couples on holiday or honeymoon, for individual adventurers and nature lovers, for special interests and inventive holiday groups. With the vast knowledge of our team regarding the tourism industry we take you to the journey of your life time to explore some of the country’s most mesmerizing places. Considering the customer’s requirements and physical well being we aid them when planning their tour itineraries to give the pure experience of the paradise land.
With the requirements of the customers, our National Guide Lecturers and Chauffeurs of Expeditions Sri Lanka, who are qualified about Sri Lanka and its vast history, will guide you throughout your stay in the most amiable ways. We assure that the tours with Expeditions Sri Lanka will expand an insight into your Lankan taste which other independent travellers would not experience and in the most convenient, comfortable and eco-compatible manner where respect for local customs, people and culture is paramount.
Expeditions Sri Lanka being a Sri Lankan owned and operated company has access to the best accommodation deals island-wide, and has got the advantage of a flourishing community rapport and a set of dedicated, enthusiastically developed services for our loving guests. Sri Lanka, a paradise with different cultures and numerous ancient histories, yet compact with different adventures, offers you the journey of a life time in different concepts .The thirst of yours in discovering uniqueness of island, we believe will be eternal.
This is the miraculous land, a pure paradise with various customs, rituals of the life cycle and undiscovered communities. Expeditions Sri Lanka is enthusiastic to form and facilitate exclusively with inspiring travel experiences in a different atmosphere with a combination of CSR projects in the paradise island of Sri Lanka, giving the perceptive traveller a true intelligence of the magnificent island’s lifestyle.

Our concept

Expeditions Sri Lanka assures to bring out the most innovative ideas into the Sri Lankan tourism industry in order to create a new scope which increases the business standards. We make sure that our expeditions are worth while visiting places in the country; hence the packages that we have arranged for our customers are more amiable and heartfelt with the familiarity of our cultural aspects with a touch of our local environment.
Our priority is given to our customer’s satisfaction, which by any mean is not interrupted, assisting the customs and rituals of the paradise land. Our inspirations for Expeditions Sri Lanka grew out of my own miserable experiences as a customer on travel agencies.

What we do the best

  • Expeditions appear as a basic, systematical tourism agency and are a vital element in the world of tourism in Sri Lanka.
  • Our perception is to give a traveller an unforgettably new experience with the personal relationship towards the local culture along its mesmerizing environment.
  • We are best at our tour packages that we have arranged, as we have mapped the most worth while visiting places in island.
  • We consider capturing the hearts of our customers by giving the value in addition of the experience according to their expectations.
  • We believe that all services should be exclusive - getting into the details of how we could simply deliver all accommodation by understanding you and your requirements.
  • We observe learning traditions and self update ourselves with people who work with us to keep it up for a long term relationship with our close vendor and professionals to enhance the maximum services.
  • Our concept agrees trusts, believes and respects our customers and improves our organisation to maximize the service levels and satisfactions.
  • Our passion is unique to us with different arrangements and with our personal experience in tourism; we consider adding values for our customers with various travel expectations to persuade the needs and wants of them. The culture and life style is our key focal point to grant the familiarity of a new level of tourism to amplify tomorrow’s travel needs. We, as one of the professionals in Sri Lanka, provide to increase the levels of satisfaction.

Welcome to the island of paradise

Ayubowan !!"Small is beautiful" was the motto of renowned businessman Richard Branson, Our Greeting to Sri Lanka, as a small paradise with unique traditions and cultures in different communities. We weren't out to be the biggest, but definitely to be the best. As an outstanding brand we surrounded with the great people who deliver consistently great customer service every day. We like to listen to our customers, because it's an opportunity to be creative and conversations can change the world. Our inspiration for Expedition Sri Lanka grew out of my own miserable experience as a customer on travel companies.


Malinthe Dassanayake